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One off sessions

This is offered as a one off or short term work for individuals, or couples wanting to find a deeper understanding on a particular life issue, liberating movement when feeling stuck, connection when feeling disconnect, self awareness where it is lacking and increased ease where anger or sadness threaten to overwhelm.

In this work I will use the 7 words authentic communication system of which I am an advanced practitioner, teacher and guide. This is an exploratory system which can be both pragmatic and profound in its application offering real change and authentic choice, empowerment and realisation. It is work I am passionate about and have much experience in this type of service.

Clients may be seeking clarity on a personal issue, relationships, birth, parenting, work and career issues and more. Or you may want to find clarity around vision and purpose in your life.

I charge £50 for a one hour

session, or £65 for a 75 minute session.

Finding Clarity Where There Is Confusion

"When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you"


For a skilful, insightful session or

to find out more, please call me

for an initial chat.