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In 1999 I trained with the Institute of Craniosacral Therapy and have worked ever since in private practice in Bristol. I presently work at  The Family Practice www.thefamilypractice.tv/ in Bishopston and Clifton.

I also trained with Relate in 1990 where I worked for ten years as a couple counselor and family counselor (Relate Cert. and a post graduate diploma in Systemic Theory and Practice in Family Counseling). I now work as part of Relate Bristol’s professional development team running courses for social workers and early year’s workers on Conflict Management and Basic Counseling skills. I also have a busy private practice in couple and relationship and one to one counseling.

I have trained birth practitioners and doulas for over 15 years and  in 2007 I co-founded a company Relaxed Birth and Parenting  (www.relaxedbirthandparenting.com) which trains professionals to work in the arena of pregnancy, birth and post partum.

I am also a trained 7 words www.7words.co.uk as a teacher, guide and mentor. This is a pragmatic and yet profound tool for getting clear on any life issue and I offer one to one and couple sessions.

In 2013 I published a book The Seven Secrets of Joyful Birth and this book has led to international teaching in Brazil, Lithuania and Portugal and India. This book has been translated into Portuguese and will be published in Brazil in September 2017. In May 2017 I am a speaker at the Women’s Economic Forum conference in New Delhi, speaking about relationships.

I have studied about perinatal and birth trauma, early attachment issues and bonding for many years with Karlton Terry and Matthew Appleton through Conscious Embodiment trainings. I have just completed a Shadow work training. I am in regular supervision and am committed to continued learning through CPD training.

I am married, with two adult sons and one adult daughter. I love to be out in nature camping, swimming in the sea and walking in the woods. I also love yoga, exercise and exploring both in the outer and inner landscape. I feel driven to refine my understanding of people and relationships and am always interested in finding out how to live with more freedom, joy and passion.

Dominique Sakoilsky About Me

I have been working in the arena of family life since the late 80s. Initially at the Active Birth Centre in London as a workshop facilitator and yoga teacher, and have now returned there to be part of their professional training team. This work with birth and family life has led me to train in related modalities as I realized that the birth of a family touches all elements of our human experience, from our earliest wounds, relationship issues, health and well-being, life choices in both work and living, and parenting.