Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy can be useful for bringing a gentle yet deep treatment to body issues.

Bring deeper connection to our most primordial resource within

Craniosacral therapy works with the subtle rhythms of the body to bring deeper connection to our most primordial resource within, offering vitality, a space to help the nervous system to relax, unwind and find expression. These rhythms are the subtle animating force that brings life into every cell, inviting a letting go of deep tensions and stress patterns. Because of its connection to the nervous system, it is a therapy modality that can be helpful when working with trauma. It is gentle, respectful, and also mysterious! In craniosacral work we can come into relationship with the earliest of our beginnings, and that also allows for deep healing.

Within my body are all the sacred places of the world, and the most profound pilgrimage is within my own body.

Sarah, 8th century Buddhist poet

I have spent years studying with Matthew Appleton and Karlton Terry, around early prenatal and birth trauma, early attachment experience, umbilical dynamics and impact of birth on our embodiment process.

How can it help?

Craniosacral therapy can be useful for bringing a gentle yet deep treatment to body issues such as migraines, neck, back, muscle and joint, aches, tension, sleep difficulty, menstrual, conception and menapause health, digestive issues and much more.

Some clients come to work with their mental and emotional well being but preferring a body approach to working with depression, anxiety and or trauma.

About the session

Please wear comfortable clothing. I work with clients from new born to old age and everyone in between. I have many years experience of working with babies and children, and all the ages that follow.

Location & Times

I offer face to face sessions in Chalford GL68NX Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and once a month on a Saturday morning. My Chalford clinic is in a cabin which has a short walk over bumpy ground, and is not suitable for wheelchairs or if there is mobility issues.


  • £60/hour

These fees are per hour, which is the length of a session though there are times when a longer session may be more useful.


I ask for 24 hours notice for cancellation or require full payment of the fee.

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