One-to-One Counselling

Useful when facing change, transition, confusion, stuckness, anxiety, stress and depression.

Integrate, heal and come into a healthy relationship with yourself

I have many years experience of working with clients to integrate, heal and come into a healthy relationship with themselves. We take on certain narratives in our early life, which alongside childhood experience and family dynamics, can leave us with some difficult stuff to take into adulthood. I am an integrative counsellor, and over time have developed my own way of working.

There is a primordial longing wired into us as infants to be seen, for our experience to be held, mirrored and validated by another, in an environment of embodied attunement, we are able to rest in the mystery of being.

Matt Licata

How can it help?

  • Make good boundaries with yourself and others
  • Refine your communication so that you can connect with others as well as yourself
  • Refine emotional intelligence so you can also relate to yourself with heart
  • Find resilience and courage to commit and engage with the challenges and transitions of life
  • Find vision in your life
  • Relate to the past in a way that helps you to grow from your experience, and look after yourself in the aftermath, and be able to respond in a helpful way to life now
  • Finding freedom in responsibility
  • Finding joyful expression of who you are now, through sexuality, communication and self acceptance.

About the session

One to one counselling sessions can be useful when facing change, transition, confusion, stuckness, anxiety, stress and depression. It can also be a useful as a place to come into clear authentic loving relationship with self. Some clients come weekly, some do a number of sessions then stop, some clients come bi-weekly.

Location & Times

I offer face to face sessions in Chalford GL68NX Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and once a month on a Saturday morning. My Chalford clinic is in a cabin which has a short walk over bumpy ground, and is not suitable for wheelchairs or if there is mobility issues.

I offer face to face in Bristol at the Family Practice 116 Gloucester Rd BS78NL on a Tuesday 1pm to 7pm, and a Friday 9 to 6pm.

I offer zoom sessions on Monday Wednesday and a Thursday 9am to 6pm.


  • £80/hour

These fees are per hour, which is the length of a session though there are times when a longer session may be more useful.


I ask for 24 hours notice for cancellation or require full payment of the fee.

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How can I help?

I am committed to living and learning how to support authenticity, freedom and heartful living.